About Elementary

Elementary: The mission of the elementary school is that our children know and reflect the love of Jesus Christ through education, compassion and action.


2021-2022 In Person Classes

To ensure your child’s enrollment and hold their spot in one of our classrooms please complete the following:

  1. Please click on the link below and submit your enrollment electronically.
  2. Pay your non-refundable registration fee.

Checks can be payable to Our Savior’s Lutheran Church (OSLC)
Mail:1770 Baxter Rd. SE, Salem, Oregon 97306
Or Drop off: Church office, Monday through Thursday 9 to 2:30pm

Once we have your child’s enrollment form and registration fee, we will send you a confirmation letter via email!

REGISTER HERE: https://forms.gle/rFKcbMxRa45fD4JUA

SCHOOL SUPPLY LIST: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1p4hi9I6FTnfes6uq1BPn9XA0OvSyOVgtE1BE82HQCWA/edit?usp=sharing

Daily Schedules & Tuitions:

1/2 Day Kindergarten:

5 days (Mon. – Fri.)

Registration Fee, 1/2 Day Kindergarten: $175

1/2 Day Kindergarten: 8:35am – 11:45am. Monthly Price $317.50 (10 payments, August 15th – May 15th)

-Half-Day kindergarten – Multi-student credit DOES NOT apply.
-Half-Day Kindergarten- Church member discount DOES NOT apply.

Full Day Kindergarten:

5 days (Mon. – Fri.)

Registration Fee, Full Day Kindergarten : $300 Early Registration Fee before 3/19, $350 thereafter.

Full Day Kindergarten: 8:35am – 3:00pm. Monthly Price $575 (10 payments, August 15th – May 15th)
Full-Day $300 Early Registration Fee before 3/19

1st Grade – 5th Grade:

5 days (Mon. – Fri.)

Registration Fee, 1st – 5th Grade: $300 Early Registration Fee before 3/19, $350 thereafter.

1st – 5th: 8:35am – 3:00pm. Monthly Price $575 (10 payments, August 15th – May 15th

Full Day Discounts:

  1. Church member Elementary discount $450 per child
  2. Multi-family Elementary discount –
    1. 2nd student receives a $250 discount per year
    2. 3 + student receives a $500 discount per child per year

-If church members and multiple child discounts apply to you. You choose which ONE discount you would like to use.

For more information contact: Natalie Him @ (971) 304-2013 or natalie.him@oursaviorschristianelementary.org

A supply list will be emailed to you mid-summer. Please bring these items as well, on the first day of school.

We hope to have an Open House prior to the school opening. How this looks will depend on Mandated Covid Restrictions. We will keep you informed.

Our primary goal at OSCE is to provide students with a Christ-centered education and to equip them to develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Our curriculum is chosen and taught with this in mind, drawing all learning back to a Biblical worldview. We strive to honor each child’s individual skills by providing them with learning opportunities at their level.  Children are taught to problem-solve, think critically and work both collaboratively and independently depending on the situation. Teachers work closely together to ensure that grade level topics build upon each other and to ensure that all students’ needs are met. Teachers are qualified and participate in regular professional development and staff meetings.  All staff are evaluated on a regular basis so that students may be guaranteed a high quality education.


Bible: ACSI Purposeful Design, K-5 Chapel

Reading/Writing: Benchmark Literacy, Fundations

Mathematics: Abeka

Handwriting: Handwriting Without Tears

Science & Social Studies: Teacher-created units, Mystery Science, Generation Genius


Field Trips

Christmas and Spring Programs

Community Service Opportunities: At least twice yearly

Student: Teacher ratios are 10:1 for kindergarten, with a full-time aide in each class.  Grades 1-5 are 20:1. Support from teacher assistants will be provided based on class size.


Parent-teacher conferences are offered twice a year.  Open, honest conversations will provide the parents insight into their child’s educational, and emotional progress.  We will work as a team for your child’s benefit.

Daily Schedules


Monday – Friday 5 Day program
Option 1: Half Day 8:35 – 11:45 am
Option 2: Full Day 8:35 – 3:00pm

Elementary: 1st – 5th Grades

Monday- Friday
8:35am- 3:00pm

School Supply Lists (2021-2022

To be posted by Summer of 2022

Statement of Faith

The following comprises Our Savior’s Christian Elementary’s Statement of Faith. We believe:

  • The Bible, all 66 books, is the inspired and authoritative Word of God.
  • That there is one God, in three persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
  • In the Virgin Birth and the Deity of Jesus Christ, the eternal Son of God.
  • In the substitutionary death of Jesus Christ on the cross which made atonement for the sins of all who repent and believe.
  • The bodily resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ, which ensures the resurrection of all believers who have received God’s gift of eternal life.
  • In the imminent, visible, and bodily return of Christ on earth to set up His kingdom and to judge the world in righteousness.
  • That the Holy Spirit indwells all who receive Jesus Christ as both Savior and Lord.

We believe in the power and presence of the Holy Spirit in our lives and in our world. God’s Spirit works in us to lead us to faith in Jesus Christ and changes our hearts and minds as the Holy Spirit opens God’s word to us. God’s spirit fills our lives with the very presence of God, giving us love, joy, and peace to sustain and renew us in all circumstances. In response to all that God has done for us, the Holy Spirit moves us to offer our lives as “living sacrifices” (Romans 12:1), freely giving of our time, talents, and possessions to help others. We believe that we are to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with everyone through word and deed, “so all might know Christ’s love.”

At Our Savior’s Christian Elementary, we teach biblical truth from the NIV.

Immunization Information: www.shotcare.com/FacilityStatus/Details/13